Understanding the Vectus Hair Removal Laser

The Vectus is a diode laser that is dedicated to high-speed, less painful hair removal. It has a sapphire cooling system that immediately cools on contact, and the device has the largest spot size available, allowing areas to be treated in a fraction of the time of other lasers, and with higher efficacy. Many treatments that require 30-45 minutes with other lasers may be reduced to 5 minutes or less, and small areas can often be treated in under a minute. This greatly reduces the pain associated with treatment, and shortens the length of appointments.

Treatment: Laser Hair Removal

Light-based hair removal works for almost everyone, including all skin colors and most hair types with pigment. Our award-winning lasers include the Cynosure Elite, which has been named best laser for hair removal multiple times, as well as the Cynosure Vectus, which has the largest spot-size available, making laser hair removal in Saratoga Springs much faster and less painful!

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