Understanding Vascular Lesions & Blood Vessel Removal

Remove unwanted blood vessels up to 3 mm in width, and small vascular lesions, including telangiectasias and areas of rosacea with our award-winning devices.

*Note: 3 treatments may be necessary and are recommended for vessel removal.

Individual: $190.00
Package of 3: $480.00

Nose: $215.00
Package of 3: $545.00

Cheeks or Chin: $265.00
Package of 3: $670.00

Legs (15 Min): $315.00
Package of 3: $795.00

Our Device: Elite

The Elite is a dual Alexandrite and YAG laser that has been an industry leader for many years in the area of treating pigmented lesions, hair removal, and vascular lesions and vessels. The Alexandrite laser targets melanin, and as such is excellent for brown spots and hair removal in lighter skin types, especially in resistant areas. The YAG laser is excellent for vascular lesions, and can remove unwanted spider veins both on the face, and in deeper regions like the legs. It is also excellent for hair removal for darker skin types. This device has been the cornerstone of our laser services, and continues to be an industry-leading device.

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