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If you are one of the countless people who work hard to stay fit and eat healthy and are plagued by fatty deposits in your midsection, a new solution is at hand. At Ridha Plastic Surgery and Medspa, we offer a revolutionary treatment. Just a single truSculpt 3D treatment can help you finally achieve the defined, trim, athletic look you envision. Developed by Cutera, truSculpt 3D uses radio frequency to decrease waist circumference and reduce fat, without the need for invasive surgery or liposuction.

How Does truSculpt 3D Work?

This advanced body sculpting system produces exceptional results, without surgery or downtime. Your treatment is customized to address your individual problem areas. The system is FDA-approved to reduce fatty deposits in the abdominal zone. It uses a specific type of radiofrequency energy to heat and destroy fat cells living beneath the skin. The destroyed cells are naturally shed by the body over the following weeks and months, and full results usually becoming visible in about three months.

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Recovery after a TruSculpt 3D Treatment?

Worried about recovery from liposuction or surgery? You have nothing to worry about when fatty deposits at the waist and flanks are treated with the truSculpt 3D system. Once your treatment is complete, you are free to return to your usual activities immediately. Some patients report a slight tenderness in the treated area, but this is minor and won’t limit your ability to carry on with your day.

Am I a candidate for truSculpt 3D?

If you are interested in non-surgical body sculpting, you deserve to find out more about this groundbreaking treatment. Many healthy people struggle with lingering fatty zones at the mid-section of the abdomen. No matter how many crunches you perform or how dedicated you are to regular exercise, it can be almost impossible to achieve a truly trim waist, resolve love handles, or reduce fatty deposits on the lower back. Candidates for this procedure include:

  • BMI at 30 or lower.
  • Lingering fat at waist or lower back.
  • Treatment is appropriate for any skin type.
  • Your body contour needs to be trimmed at the waist.
  • You do not want liposuction or other invasive fat removal treatment.

The Ridha Plastic Surgery & Medspa Difference

Dr. Jeffery Ridha is a double-board certified plastic surgeon who has dedicated his professional life to face and body enhancements. Rather than focusing strictly upon surgical procedures, he offers his patients the latest developments in cutting-edge, non-surgical treatments. One of the most innovative new systems to become available in the USA, truSculpt 3D is offered at his luxurious Saratoga Springs clinic.

You are invited. We invite you to discover a truly advanced medspa in Saratoga Springs, where you can be confident in our state-of-the-art treatments for a range of face and body issues. We don’t rest on our laurels, but continue to seek out the latest developments in technology that will benefit our patients. We are pleased to offer truSculpt 3D treatments to patients who are tired of living with unwanted fatty deposits.

TruSculpt 3D Saratoga Springs

FDA-Approved Body Sculpting: truSculpt 3D

Recently FDA-approved for cosmetic body sculpting, this groundbreaking fat reduction system has become one of the most popular methods by which patients can reduce fatty deposits at the waist and lower back.

Advantages of the system include the speed with which treatment is performed, no recovery time, and the impressive reduction of fat – along with skin tightening – that can be achieved in a single appointment. Ready for a change? Talk to us about this highly-effective, revolutionary, pain-free way to trim your body – at last.

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