Understanding SculpSure

SculpSure offers convenient, comfortable contouring for any body and skin type. SculpSure is the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis of the flanks and abdomen. It’s a state-of-the-art, controlled energy-based technology, ideal for patients looking to get rid of stubborn fat in less time.

The 1060 nm wavelength has a specific affinity for adipose tissue, coupled with minimal absorption in the dermis. This allows SculpSure to efficiently treat areas of troublesome fat. Over time, the body naturally eliminates the disrupted fat cells with results seen as quickly as 6 weeks and optimal results seen in as few as 12 weeks.

Treatment: non-invasive fat reduction

SculpSure is a breakthrough in light-based body contouring designed to reduce stubborn fat up to 24% in problem areas such as the abdomen and love handles, helping you achieve a slimmer and natural looking appearance without surgery or downtime.

SculpSure’s body contouring technology is able to target and destroy these fat cells in just 25 minutes without affecting the skin’s surface. There is no recovery time following treatment, so you can resume your daily activities immediately.

Who designed SculpSure?

The SculpSure fat-blasting system was created by Cynosure, the same company that makes many of our advanced laser technologies. For the past two decades Cynosure has been a leader in cutting edge medical equipment and caters to clients in over 60 countries.

What is the difference between SculpSure and Coolsculpting?

While Coolsculpting until now has been hailed as the gold standard in non-surgical fat removal, SculpSure is the new kid on the block, offering a more gentle, flexible version of the procedure. Coolsculpting requires large bulky panels that suction the fat from an area, often pinching the skin as they do so. Many clients find this mildly uncomfortable, and prefer SculpSure since it does not use any panels to achieve its goals. The SculpSure applicators are adjustable and flexibly reach areas of the body too remote for Coolsculpting.

SculpSure is able to treat multiple areas of the body at the same time, unlike Coolsculpting which is limited to a single zone. SculpSure is therefore a faster, more efficient way to eliminate pesky excess fat. Finally, the percentage of fat loss with SculpSure is around 2-3 points higher than with Coolsculpting over a period of approximately six weeks.

What will my results be like?

Clients should expect to undergo SculpSure treatment 2-3 times over the course of several months for comprehensive results. The changes are gradual and long-lasting, as the treatment slowly processes unwanted fat cells and flushes them from the body. Within six weeks, you will see marked fat loss, and at 12 weeks, your results will be complete

SculpSure not only slims and tones the body, but it also contributes to the regrowth of lost collagen and elastin, two of the body’s proteins that control the skin’s resilience and radiance. These proteins are depleted by the body as we age, so replacing them is a wonderful side benefit of SculpSure.

Setting up your consultation

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