EMSCULPT is a body contouring procedure which uses focused electromagnetic energy to trigger intense muscle contractions. The patterns of muscle contractions simulate an intense workout similar to thousands of sit-ups or squats. This technology also boosts lipolysis, or the metabolism of fat cells, to reduce fat cells while building muscle.

EMSCULPT Saratoga Springs, NY


EMSCULPT has revolutionized the way we build muscle and reduce fat by harnessing the natural power of intense, repeated muscle contractions. It is FDA-approved for use on the abdomen and buttocks and has changed the way we look at butt lifts and stubborn tummy fat. The high-intensity, focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy stimulates the muscles similar to 20,000 sit-ups or squats in around 30 minutes. This non-invasive treatment is the perfect combination of fat reduction and muscle toning to help you look and feel your best.

Candidates for EMSCULPT

Virtually anyone in Saratoga Springs, NY can be a candidate for EMSCULPT due to its non-surgical nature. EMSCULPT is meant to tone the muscles and stubborn fat around the stomach or rear end that can be difficult to target even with a healthy diet and exercise routine. EMSCULPT is not typically used for significant weight loss, and you should be close to your ideal weight before undergoing treatment. However, it can provide attractive definition for those who need a little extra help achieving a more ideal physique.

What can I expect from EMSCULPT?

EMSCULPT treatments are quick and easy. They take less than an hour to complete in our Saratoga Springs medspa. The proprietary device is placed, and you are able to relax during the treatment without discomfort. The device delivers the electromagnetic energy to the treatment area to stimulate the muscles and reduce fat. After approximately 30 minutes, the device is removed and you can go about your day.

What is recovery like and when will I see results?

Recovery is easy thanks to the non-invasive nature of EMSCULPT. After the treatment is over you may experience muscle soreness similar to an intense workout, but it won’t impact your ability to work or perform other activities. You will likely need multiple treatments spaced a few days apart to see ideal results.

You will start to see results approximately two to four weeks after your last treatment, which will continue to improve over the following weeks. You can enjoy more defined abs and toned buttocks without sweating in the gym, all while using a non-surgical procedure.

Why should I choose Ridha Plastic Surgery & Medspa?

Saratoga Springs trusts Ridha Plastic Surgery & Medspa for their cosmetic procedures. Dr. Ridha is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of training, lectures, and peer-reviewed research under his belt. He is an award-winning surgeon who also gives back to underserved countries by providing reconstructive surgeries for congenital anomalies. We look forward to serving you with our wide range of services and compassionate care. Contact us today and schedule a consultation for one of the best treatments of EMSCULPT Saratoga Springs has to offer.


Does EMSCULPT hurt?

The EMSCULPT device is non-invasive and does not hurt. You will be able to relax with little to no discomfort while the treatment is being administered. After the procedure is complete, you may experience muscle soreness which dissipates quickly and will not result in downtime.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments needed will vary based on the treatment area and how much change you’d like to see. You will likely need approximately four treatments a few days apart to see the best results, and treatments can be repeated every few months or as-needed to maintain your look.


Absolutely. EMSCULPT is approved by the FDA and is non-surgical. Because it does not penetrate the skin, the chances of complications or infections are negligible. The electromagnetic energy stimulates the treatment area without the use of chemicals, serums, or other substances that could irritate the skin.

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