Surgery or Fillers?

One of the most common questions patients ask at our practice is whether or not surgery or fillers are the right choice to accomplish their aesthetic goals and reverse the signs of facial aging.  The simple answer is that it depends on the patient.  Each patient is different, and the correct choice of treatment varies based on several factors: patient age, skin quality and laxity, position of the soft tissues in the face, and the degree and duration of the desired effects.

In general, surgical treatments (like blepharoplasty or face lifting) have much more profound and longer lasting effects.  As such, these options remain the gold standard for reversing signs of aging and restoring a youthful appearance.  For patients with significant skin laxity or descent of facial tissues, surgical management is typically indicated to adequately accomplish patient goals.

However, with the improvement of available injectables, patients may often gain significant enhancement in their appearance with a minimally invasive approach.  Fillers also are almost uniformly temporary, so if treatment produces an unwanted result, it will reverse with time.  Fillers also may delay the need for surgical treatment by producing effects that mimic those of surgery.  They are especially useful in a younger population where there is less skin laxity, and less profound descent of the facial tissues.

Overall, the appropriate treatment depends on the individual patient and his/her goals.  The most important step is to speak candidly at your consultation about what areas you would like to improve.  Call the office to schedule your consultation, and Dr. Ridha will help you select the treatment plan that will best facilitate accomplishing your goals.